Good Quality Raw Pu Erh Tea Cake

Good Quality Raw Pu Erh Tea Cake
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Good Quality Raw Pu Erh Tea Cake

Product description

The good quality raw pu erh tea cake is made of puerh tea leaves that are individually compressed and wrapped in a single serving. Simply put this is one the best aged Pu-erh teas. It follows a traditional way of preparation, that has been refined for centuries in the heartland of tea, the Yunnan province in China. Its flavor is smooth and a sweet aftertaste. Pu-erh tea has long been valued in Chinese traditional medicine for its antioxidant properties, stress reducing, and as a digestive aid. Difference between raw and fermented Pu-erh tea Difference between raw and fermented Pu-erh tea Similar to wine, Pu-erh’s flavor varies depending on the origin mountains and ages. The taste and effect can change dramatically between raw and fermented Pu-erh. Raw Pu-erh is compressed from green leaves with no additional process. It is energizing and good for digestion, and typically drank during the day. Fermented Pu-erh undergoes accelerated fermentation process to acquire strong earthy flavor and smooth taste without bitterness. It has a calming effect and can be drank in the evening.

Product features

1. This good quality raw Pu Erh tea cake has clear taste with pleasant bitterness; characteristic aroma with notes of wood and smoke; long aftertaste with chrysanthemum notes.

2. This kind of tea contains antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It invigorates, refreshes and raises the mood.

3. This kind of tea daily keeps you healthy and beautiful. It strengthens the immune system on all levels from eliminating toxins and poisons from the blood, promoting health digestion and processing of everything you consume

4. Pu erh cake tea in the morning will wake your brain and body, it will be a good caffeine supplier.