Chinese Pu Erh Black Tea

Chinese Pu Erh Black Tea
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Product name

Chinese pu erh black tea

Product description

This is a carefully crafted fermented Pu-erh tea cake. It's tea leaves are picked from the mountainous region which ensures a pollution free environment. After a careful selection process, the tea cake is then fermented with a traditional method involving 86 unique steps. Flavors intensify through longer steeping times with unique and earthy aromas. 

Product features

1. Chinese pu erh black tea is one kind of dark tea with a rich taste, sort of the coffee lovers' tea due to its rich full-bodied taste.

2. Rich in probiotics and antioxidants, the perfect accompaniment to your workout or busy day; very popular to use in kombucha

3. This Chinese pu erh black tea brews a deep red infusion with a hearty sweet aroma, balanced by fragrant woods and mild earthy depths. When you put a cup to your lips, this aroma gives way to a full-bodied tea with complex floral notes and the lingering hint of honeysuckle.